Security Operations

Security Operations

Empower your security analysts with AlertFusion if you:
  • Invested in all the latest tools but are still working on alerts spread across multiple tools
  • Wish you had a single pane of glass solution for alert operations
  • Have analysts working on individual alerts with no automated visual map showing that displays all linked alerts
  • Are dealing too much alert noise and manual investigation of alerts that are weighing down your team

Monitoring modern IT environments

The task of monitoring modern IT environments is too complex to manage properly without tools. Most analyst teams have enlisted a bevy of tools to regain the visibility they need to ensure operational efficiency. These tools are numerous, and while they may be able to provide visibility, orchestrating and managing them is difficult and unwieldy even for the most seasoned professionals. That’s why, despite having multiple advanced technologies in play, analysts struggle with managing the deluge of alerts, especially with a sprawl of monitoring tools that have been patched together.

Effectiveness of security operations

AlertFusion offers them a single platform to stitch together this diverse IT environment, correlate alerts and eliminate alert fatigue. We help you save analyst time, reduce cost of analyst operations by 50%, and enhance the effectiveness of security operations for a distributed environment.