Unified Technology

Unified Technology Operations

Integrate AlertFusion with your existing IT ecosystem if you:
  • Have alerts being generated from tools across multiple technology domains
  • Are unable to view an automated alert map connecting all linked alerts that helps analysts understand the larger risk of the alert
  • Struggle with alert fatigue that eat up critical analyst time

Holistic view of operations performance

Organizations today are faced with the difficult task of protecting their expanding digital estate, in addition to dealing with operational inefficiencies and rising costs. Meanwhile, analysts are compelled to manage technologies without tools that can give them a big picture view of all alerts put together. Without a single source of truth that offers a holistic view of operations performance, it is impossible for businesses to know what’s happening across these multiple domains and how the alerts are connected.

AlertFusion provides a powerful platform

AlertFusion provides a powerful platform that centralizes actionable alerts across multiple technology domains, helps eliminate alert fatigue, provides an automated visual map of all alerts, and offers in-depth reporting capabilities. We leverage observability to deliver an unparalleled understanding of where things have or could go wrong, enabling IT to proactively mitigate security and performance issues.