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Our Mission

We aim to improve the productivity of our customers by tackling the operational challenges faced by analysts day in and day out on alert management. We do this through centralizing alerts, eliminating alert fatigue and retaining key knowledge.

Our Story

AlertFusion may be a very new business, established in 2019, but the seed of the idea for the solution it offers has been formulating over a decade.

The story is best told by Jayanth Varma, founder and CEO:

I spent many years as a security analyst and later as security operations and engineering manager working for a number of large enterprise organisations. I found that, while the set-up, size of team and type of technology in a security operations center would differ from one organisation to another, the same basic problems persisted.

These problems included:

  • Too many processes being worked with each in its own silo
  • Excessive time spent on recurring alerts in every team leading to alert fatigue
  • Slow, manual operational management processes for validating and responding to alerts
  • The need to operate between multiple ticket management and incident response systems
  • Lack of a unified platform for security operational processes
  • Difficulty in customising multi-vendor technologies
  • High costs of scaling security automation and orchestration
  • Lack of security knowledge management due to staff attrition

I spoke to many vendors about addressing these problems, but none was willing to consider making the effort to develop automated and centralized alert management solutions to fix these issues. So, because I felt so strongly that something needed to be done, I decided to take on the challenge myself.

Because I felt so strongly that something needed to be done, I decided to take on the challenge myself.



Want to improve the efficiency of the organisation?

I took a break to consider how I should approach the project and to develop ideas for a single technology that would counter all the issues. From my past experience I knew, that if I could create a platform that would unify and streamline the myriad of security processes, it would increase the productivity of analysts across multiple teams and, in doing so, improve the efficiency of the organisation.

In 2019 I launched AlertFusion, a unique alert management technology platform that addresses the need for a multi-tenant solution and acts as a base platform for security operations delivering high efficiency.

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Leverage a ready-made alert management platform that solves all your operational challenges and helps you retain knowledge within your organisation. At AlertFusion, we know how to improve your operational efficiency with an automated alert operations platform.

Jayanth Varma

Founder & CEO