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Automated alert management centralizes and correlates actionable alerts to detect security events better and reduce time taken to close an issue, thereby improving operational efficiency.

AlertFusion is a unique centralized alert management solution that complements existing technologies, unifies alerts from all sources, automatically correlates between all actionable alerts and finally eliminates all recurring alerts. This enables security analysts to cut down on all the noise and focus only on the critical alerts that matter.

AlertFusion complements existing technology landscapes and offers Enterprises and MSSPs a centralized security alert management solution that ensures organisations see a unified big picture view of all actionable alerts and also helps eliminate all repetitive work. We offer enterprises and MSSPs flexible automation, retention of critical knowledge and automated reports, all within one simple, highly scalable, out-of-the-box solution.

AlertFusion centralizes alerts, eliminates rework and retains valuable technical knowledge; helping security analysts be more productive, the security operations centre more effective and managers better informed with automated and insightful reports, all within one simple, highly scalable, out-of-the-box solution.

AlertFusion: Next-Gen Alert Operations Platform

The industry’s first and unique centralized alert operations solution to enhance visibility, operational efficiency and incident response times

Alert Operations Platform


Alert Operations Platform


Alert Operations Platform


Alert Operations Platform


Alert Operations Platform

Retain Knowledge

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Centralised case management

Alerts from individuals, multiple customers or teams, captured via phone calls, emails or tools are centralized and viewed on real-time AlertFusion dashboards. This allows alerts to be contextualised and remediated quicker. Analysts are no longer required to login to multiple security operations management tools saving significant time.


End-to-end automation

Leverage the fully-customisable AlertFusion framework to create automations that are unique to your organisation’s operational requirements for alert management.


Streamlined ticket management

AlertFusion makes critical incident management more efficient by centralizing multiple ticketing systems into a single view. Using bi-directional integration, all ticketing systems are updated and in-sync for opening, tracking, updating and closing tickets.


Real-time dashboards and automated reports

Multiple real-time dashboards help visualise the key relevant metrics for executives, security managers and analysts based on organisational requirements. Automated reports are available to all stakeholders.


Knowledge retention and management

AlertFusion’s centralized alert management system retains a historical database of all previously processed alerts. As new alerts come into AlertFusion, we automatically correlate the new alert with our historical database for smarter decisions based on the logged historical actions.

Remediation playbooks are automatically provided to the analysts inside the alert investigation page. This informs any new analysts of the exact steps needed to remediate the alert.

These capabilities help the organisation manage and retain critical knowledge. Thus, enabling new staff to utilise the knowledge immediately.

The economy of an alert.

AlertFusion simplifies alert management

Use Cases
  • Alert Capture

    Centralize alert capture from phone calls, emails and tools bi-directionally.
  • Alert Validation

    Automatically eliminate repetitive alerts. Visualise the larger picture with real-time intelligence on linked alerts. Enhance analyst productivity by 40%.
  • Alert Investigation & Triage

    Automate contextual information related to the alert and orchestrate response actions. Collaborate with teams across the organisation to manage alerts, better and faster.
  • Alert Tracking & Closure

    Integrate with ITSM systems bi-directionally. Automate ticket opening, tracking and closure.
  • Alert Reporting

    Leverage 360 degree, real-time dashboards and automate reporting. Fix problems as they appear with real-time dashboards and reports available for different stakeholders in the organisation.

Supercharge your Operations

In simplest terms, use AlertFusion to automate and centralize alert management, enhance visibility of security incident management, streamline your operational management efficiency and accelerate your incident response time.

Eliminate rework

Eliminate rework

AlertFusion helps to eliminate rework on all repetitive alerts

Scale with ease

Scale with ease

Scales to multiple operational processes helping eliminate the high costs for SOAR and SIEM licenses

Unify operations

Unify operations

Unifies the entire security operations center landscape

Knowledge retention

Knowledge retention

Through the retention of alert remediation knowledge, eliminates alert rework

Improve ROI

Improve ROI

Increases operational efficiency and drives higher ROI from all technology investments

Trusted by

Alert Fusion integrated and automated alert management system is trusted by leading organisations worldwide

About us

AlertFusion complements existing technology landscapes and offers enterprises centralized security alert management in real-time. This ensures zero missed alerts and the elimination of repetitive work. We offer enterprises flexible automation, retention of critical knowledge and automated reports, all within one simple, highly scalable, single pane of glass solution.

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