Vulnerability Management
and Remediation

Vulnerability Management and Remediation

Pick AlertFusion if you:
  • Have implemented network scanners, cloud scanners, SAST and DAST scanners, and external VA/PT assessments
  • Have no centralized vulnerability tracking and remediation system for a big picture view of your end-to-end vulnerability landscape
  • Run vulnerability remediation programs that span across infrastructure and application teams and have no unified vulnerability remediation solution to manage the whole stack

Regulatory and compliance framework

Today’s complex IT environments needs a stringent process that can spot the weak points in the enterprise security armour. Organizations need to continuously scan their regulatory and compliance framework for any vulnerabilities, with detailed reporting and remediation tasks, to effectively weed out these vulnerabilities.

Centralize and simplify vulnerability management

AlertFusion’s highly customizable platform allows organizations to shape it to their organization’s exact requirements. Instead of struggling with multiple vulnerability scanning technologies, we help them centralize and simplify vulnerability management and remediation for the whole organization.