Managed Service Providers/ Managed
Security Service Providers

Managed Service Providers/ Managed Security Service Providers

Package your managed services with AlertFusion if you:
  • Are managing multiple clients with different technology stacks and need to centralize all the client alerts into one unified screen for your analysts
  • Have integrated and centralized all alerts but still face alert fatigue leading to wastage of critical time of your analysts
  • Want to launch an effective managed detection and response solution for your clients that helps you simplify and manage your alert operations

Generating own unique alerts

MSP/ MSSP teams are pressured by their clients to keep tabs on dozens of tools that are all generating their own unique alerts. They are expected to monitor the security, health and performance of server, triage alerts, set up event notifications, debug and fix issues and finally report the overall status of the system regularly. Each problem is not very difficult to solve when seen separately. But what makes it complex is that each technology comes with its own tool and each tool comes with its own dashboard. Only a small portion of these incidents require attention, while many are repetitive or duplicate alerts

AlertFusion provides a powerful platform

AlertFusion provides MSP/MSSP teams additional control to better manage their client’s technology environments by centralizing and integrating all alerts. With a unified dashboard that provides one view of all the disparate sources of data to gain actionable insights, they can better analyze alerts in client organizations to track various metrics via customized, single plane view dashboards.