To detect and respond to ever-raising security threats, enterprises have invested in multiple security technologies such as SIEM, SOAR and others in a typical SOC environment. But, even with all these multiple technologies in place, day-to-day security operations and alert management is still a challenge. Enterprises still struggle to manage hundreds to thousands of alerts daily.

Enterprise Security Operations Challenges

Siloed approach to security alerts from different sources including SIEM
Deluge of security alerts in SOC
Too many recurring alerts take away valuable time
Lack of centralized alert automation capabilities
Ineffective knowledge management

Resulting Alert Overload

Over-worked security operations center team

Ineffective decision-making making the enterprise susceptible to security threats

High response time further hindered by manual processes and cross-team handoffs

AlertFusion: A Next-gen Alert Operations Platform

The industry’s first and unique automated alert management solution to enhance security operational efficiency

AlertFusion complements existing technology landscapes and offers enterprises centralized alert management in real-time resulting in zero duplicate alerts. We offer enterprises flexible automation, retention of critical knowledge and automated reports to effectively manage security incident response, all within one simple, highly scalable, out-of-the-box solution.

Platform Architecture & Design Features

Flexible software platform, available for both on-premise and cloud infrastructure
Multi-team capability for enterprises and multi-customer capability for MSSPs
Supports bi-directional integration from multiple SIEMs, SOAR, GRC and ITSM solutions
Integrates with multiple sources of truth repositories to automatically enrich contextual data
Robust access control to enable permissions controls and role-based access

The AlertFusion Advantage

Helps rapidly build a mature security operations function

Centralizes the entire alert operations technology stack

Complements all existing security management tools and technologies

Provides complete visibility to linked alerts and their impact

Improves alert identification and alert management process by 50%

Replaces manual process with a centralized and automated workflow

Value Delivered

  • Unify All Actionable Alerts.

    • Centralised alert operations platform

    • Unified security incident management infrastructure

    • Supports alert input into one holistic automated solution
  • Work Any Issue. Once.

    • Eliminate repetitive alerts automatically

    • Integrates with multiple security technologies to extract and automatically provide relevant context to analyst investigations

    • Eliminates duplicate alerts and provides flexible automation with advanced workflow engine for improved operational efficiency

    • Multi-tenant solution to support multiple teams
  • Actionable Intelligence

    • Automatically validate indicators of compromise (IOC) and auto close false positives

    • Highly customizable dashboards and reports that provide information in real-time

    • Multiple categories of real-time dashboards with automated report options for enhanced visibility

    • Intelligent knowledge management system to retain critical knowledge and improve incident response

    • Detailed playbooks to reduce dependency on niche skill resources

Security Operations Dashboard and Reports

Our alert management solution offers a fully functional dashboard with drilled-down views for several functions right from executive view to views for security operations managers and security analysts. The dashboard can be customised to deliver relevant and detailed actionable insights.

Role-based access can be provided to ensure customer data fencing as well as data compliance in SOC

Standard as well as customizable reports can be created

New report templates can also be created as per business requirements

Reports can be scheduled, downloaded and shared with stakeholders