Operational Challenges

Operations teams in organizations continue to manage a growing technology ecosystem in a digitally charged world. The volume of alerts pouring in from these tools is intimidating.


Growing variety and number of platforms today generate actionable alerts

Actionable alerts are spread across too many advanced tools or platforms

There is no unified view of actionable alerts

Too many recurring and duplicate events

Incomplete event visualization

Inadequate reporting capabilities

Elevate Your Analyst’s Efficiency

The AlertFusion platform works as an intelligent operations workbench that offers a single pane view to help technology operations and security operations teams. We make it easier to unify actionable alerts from multiple technologies, eliminate
alert noise, and reduce rework on recurring alerts. Our clients can meet desired operational targets and elevate operational efficiency to the next level.

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Solution Highlights
Solution Highlights

Solution Highlights

AlertFusion forms a powerful layer between multiple domains including infrastructure, security, network, cloud monitoring tools and ITSM tools to unify your operations landscape.

  • Implement a unified technology operations center or Enterprise Security Fusion Center
  • Integrate actionable alerts from diverse technology domains into one centralized platform operating as a workbench
  • Understand the risk of each alert relative to the larger enterprise
  • Proactively and visually detect and minimize potential downtime or malicious exposure
  • Eliminate repetitive work on all recurring alerts
  • View alerts in real time with centralized dashboards and automated reporting
  • Retain crucial insights with enhanced knowledge management capabilities
  • Customize our highly configurable solution to meet your precise requirements

Platform Advantages

More Efficiency for Your Analysts

End-to-end actionable alert management visibility and real-time reporting. Enhance analyst productivity by 100% by leveraging advanced knowledge management capabilities.

Better Risk Analysis through Visualization

Proactively detect and minimize any potential malicious exposure. Better gauge the relative risk of each alert to the enterprise.

Boost analyst productivity

Eliminate repetitive alerts to focus on actionable alerts. Improve ability to resolve critical issues by 65%.

Unsurpassed visibility

Comprehensive dashboard and analyst workbench for managing the entire technical operations, with drill-down views for real-time reporting.

Centralized analyst workbench

Single, unified platform to orchestrate end-to-end technology/security operations program and run an intelligent enterprise.

Reduce complexity of security operations

No more jumping between various tools to understand risk – get the full picture of your security posture in a single view.

Value Delivered

Focus on meaningful alerts and eliminate alert fatigue

Transform data into actionable intelligence

Achieve measurable outcomes

Improve overall operations

Minimize impact on business

Automate repetitive tasks and workflows