Any complex IT environment needs a stringent process that can spot the weak points in the enterprise security armour. Enterprises also need to regularly scan their regulatory and compliance framework for any vulnerabilities, as well as detailed reporting and remediation tasks, to effectively weed out these vulnerabilities. They need an uncompromising, strong security posture that meets strict compliance requirements, contractual obligations and risk management standards.

Vulnerability Management Challenges

Complex and diverse IT environments

Weak points in the enterprise security armour

Changing regulatory and compliance requirements

Overwhelming number of vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities spread across diverse layers such as network and applications

Deluge of duplicate vulnerabilities

Lack of prioritization to focus efforts on the most critical vulnerabilities

Small or skill-constrained teams

AlertFusion’s Vulnerability Management Solution

A highly customizable vulnerability management and remediation product that allows organizations the flexibility to mould it to their organization’s exact requirements.
If you have invested in multiple vulnerability scanning technologies and are looking to centralize and simplify vulnerability management and remediation for the whole organization, look no further.

Bi-directional integration | Vulnerability data centralization and visualization | Vulnerability de-duplication |Vulnerability prioritization | Workflow automation |Dev-Ops and ITSM integration| Continuous compliance

AlertFusion’s highly configurable and comprehensive vulnerability management and remediation solution helps organizations streamline vulnerability management and remediation to help improve their response quality and efficiency to vulnerabilities, organization wide.
Leverage centralization, automated de-duplication, visualization, automation and reporting capabilities to help develop an enterprise wide and real-time view of your entire vulnerability landscape.

AlertFusion’s Intelligent Vulnerability Management Platform: Key Features

Vulnerability Management Platform



  • Consolidate vulnerability data from multiple sources (Network, SAST, DAST, etc)
  • Automatically eliminate all duplicate vulnerabilities
  • Contextualise and assign alerts to specified remediation groups
  • Centrally track and manage all vulnerability remediation efforts
  • View assignment and remediation progress in real-time with multi-user level dashboards and reports


  • Better manage critical vulnerabilities
  • Streamline the entire vulnerability management and remediation process
  • Consolidate, to a single view of multiple vulnerability scanning and ticketing systems
  • Unite vulnerability management, Dev-Ops and ITSM systems with bi-directional integration
  • Automate and synchronise ticket opening, tracking and closure on any ticketing system/s
  • Eliminate all manual work


  • Address each operational requirement uniquely
  • Leverage AlertFusion’s fully customisable framework to create multiple, custom automations to streamline vulnerability management
  • Drag and drop automation to remediate faster across multiple Dev-Ops and ITSM systems
View Data in Real-time

View Data in Real-time

  • Access multiple real-time vulnerability dashboards
  • Visualise the key relevant metrics for all stakeholders in real-time
  • View automated reports
Retain Knowledge

Retain Knowledge

  • Maintain a centralized vulnerability management system with a historical database of all previously processed vulnerabilities
  • Automatically correlate new vulnerabilities with a historical database
  • Automation of all processes eliminates skill set challenges with knowledge retention

AlertFusion’s Vulnerability Management: Benefits

  • Improve response time to vulnerabilities
  • Centralize all vulnerability data from disconnected sources
  • Integrate vulnerability remediation into the SDLC
  • Eliminate the need for multiple, and manual workflows
  • Purge duplicate vulnerabilities and enhance productivity
  • Optimize triage efforts by viewing relevant information
  • Get uniform visibility and continuous compliance
  • Unify visibility into application security postures
  • Continuously monitor your perimeter for unexpected breaches

Vulnerability Management Benefits

Vulnerability Management Value

AlertFusion’s Vulnerability Management: Value

  • Single dashboard view into vulnerability data from all the different applications/hosts
  • Streamlined and quicker vulnerability management process
  • Prioritize remediation based on business impact
  • Centralized data tracking
  • Easy identification of systems affected by vulnerabilities
  • Instant data correlation and analysis to prioritise vulnerability remediation
  • Minimize impact of a security breach
  • Integrate people, processes and technology
  • Enhance compliance with security regulations

Traditional vulnerability management tools and processes are spread across the IT landscape and current processes are time-consuming, inefficient, and resource-intensive. AlertFusion’s Vulnerability Management solution is specifically designed to overcome these issues and enable you to track and manage your vulnerability management and remediation program with a single, one stop solution.