AlertFusion consists of two individual modules that work together or work individually based on client needs. This enables us to flexibly integrate into and complement any existing technology landscape and substantially enhance the maturity of the security operations function

Centralize and Eliminate Alerts Module:

One-of-its-kind capability that closes existing operational gaps
Holistic and automated centralization and visualization of alert capture from all sources (phone calls, emails, CMDB, SIEM and ITSM tools)
Centralized and automated alert linkage provides enhanced visibility to distributed attack vectors
Work any alert once and eliminate re-work on recurring alerts for improved incident response time
Save valuable time and effort in incident management for security analysts

Alert Centralization

Events from all the security tools configured are consolidated for a single pane of glass view

APIs for most known security technologies available in the solution through the workflow engine

The workflow engine provides support for integration and automation of new tools

Data is prepared to convert into AlertFusion format in the backend to ensure all the data is captured correctly

The events are correlated into alerts for ease of access

Alert Elimination

The solution checks for duplicate alerts and false positives

Asset details and other contextual information is available

Each alert can be accessed as a user flow diagram with events linked to each alert including the duplicate alerts


    • Pre-configured logic eliminated additional complexity to the existing technology landscape
    • Visibility to linked alerts enables detection to any advanced and or distributed attack vectors

    • Elimination of repetitive work on recurring alerts enhances alert management capability by 100%
    • Enables organizations to eliminate their alert overload problems and improve operational efficiency

Orchestrate and Automate Alert Management Module:

Accelerate and Enhance Alert Response Time
Open automation and orchestration capability enables organizations to automate and enhance incident response
Bi-directional integration capability enables integration with multiple technology platforms (SIEM, SOAR, ITSM)
Multi-workflow capability enables multiple operational management teams to leverage a centralized single console
Highly configurable workflow engine supports any integration and automation requirement
Drag and drop workflow configuration with no coding


    • Automate and enhance alert response for multiple security processes
    • Automate retrieval of contextual information and enhance analyst speed of response
    • Orchestrate incident response actions with automated or semi-automated responses
    • Automate ticket management with bi-directional integration

    • Escalate critical alerts to on-call analysts with automated escalation management (via call or SMS)
    • Automate operational tasks such as task management and shift handovers

Alert Management Automation

Several backend workflows have been created within the solution to automate repetitive tasks

The workflow engines can be customized for each customer environment and business need

Alert Management Orchestration

Change request workflow to manage the entire change management process

Shift handover with detailed information for better shift management

Bulk data upload in order to upload past data from tools or archives