Vulnerability Management Dashboards – Data-led Decisions at a Glance

The importance of vulnerability management to endpoint security cannot be overstated. It is an excellent proactive approach to eliminate security weaknesses before they lead to a full-blown attack. But to meet the dynamic needs of modern IT ecosystems, enterprises need a streamlined way to assess their security posture. As enterprises continues to expand, vulnerabilities can […]

Best Practices to Optimize Your Alert Management Process

Hackers know the faster they move, the more data they can steal, and the more damage they can do to your enterprise. It’s a race to see whether cyber-attackers can move faster than your IT security team. And you don’t want to be on the wrong side of that equation. Optimizing your alert management process […]

Get the Full Picture with Intelligent Alert Management

Here’s a fact. A sensitive cybersecurity alert management system is useful, but sometimes alerts can get annoying. Repetitive and less important alerts create a lot of noise that can block out meaningful information and critical alerts. With planned and unplanned attacks rising exponentially, cybersecurity practitioners must keep on their toes continuously and be prepared to […]

Easing IT’s Burden with Intelligent Threat Management

IT teams are constantly faced with threats that are high both in number and the degree of sophistication. Adversaries are no longer just individuals and include organizations with a whole lot of sophisticated cyberattack arsenal that includes AI tools. In addition, new technologies, layered IT networks, and changing business models are constantly compelling IT teams […]

Is Your IT Alert Management Causing You Stress?

Software and tools are in place. Practice sessions are run. Protocols are set. And then it happens—despite your IT team’s best efforts, there is a security incident in your organization. While your IT team assures you they can bring the outbreak under control, the impact of repeated incidents – high costs, legal actions, reputational damage […]

Transform Threat Prevention with Vulnerability Management

Enterprises continuously need to address the heightened risks to their cybersecurity. With digital transformation progressing at the speed of light, cyber threat actors are taking advantage of the increased threat exposure with new threat vectors opening across enterprise networks. Research shows that in the US alone, there was a 34% increase in phishing attack victims […]

Decrypting the Alert Management System

In fundamental terms the role of an alert management system is to organize, capture or record the priorities of the project and further communicate it to the delegated teams. The Alert Management System plays a key role in minimizing the adverse impact of duplication and redundancies on business organizations. The application of alert management system […]

What Your Alert Management Tool Could be Lacking

Alert management is essential for monitoring and maintaining IT systems, enabling you to quickly identify problems and take the necessary action to minimize service degradation and disruption. But sometimes, alert management is not as effective as it could be. The real problems that need intervention are often swept away in a sea of alerts. Whether […]

How Automated Alert Management Helps Improve IT

Putting it simply, automated alert management takes the work out of managing critical systems. With automated and customizable actionable alerts, IT teams can track systems, users, problems and changes proactively. It also helps reduce alert fatigue by targeting just those members of the IT team who need to be involved to taken action on specific […]

Opportunities to Send an Alert Notification in Everyday Business Operations

Businesses have a lot on their plates all of the time. They must manage not only customer and client needs, such as support and customer service, as well as other public-facing needs, such as marketing and sales strategies – but also their own internal operations, from staff management and internal meetings to dealing with any […]