What is Security Operation Centre?

A Security Operation Centre (SOC) is a centralized hub within an organisation tasked with continuously monitoring and improving an organisation’s security posture while preventing, detecting, analyzing and responding to cybersecurity incidents.

As cyber threats continue to become more advanced, defenses continue to expand to keep us safe. Organisations are utilizing more and more technologies to combat threats, all of which are generating alerts that analysts have to act upon.

With multiple security processes inside a security operations center, analysts find themselves working on multiple tools such as SIEM, SOAR and others generating many alerts on a daily basis.

Security Operations Center Best Practices with AlertFusion

Alerts from multiple solutions, teams and processes combined in a centralized case management module

Alerts from multiple security solutions such as SIEM, SOAR and ITSM are streamlined and alert rework is eliminated

Auto enrichment of historic and contextual data enhances the incident response and remediation times for analysts

Intelligent knowledge management streamlines knowledge retention capabilities.

Enterprise Security Operation Solution

AlertFusion centralizes multiple technologies, teams and processes enabling analysts to gain context to work and close tickets more efficiently.

To further improve operational efficiency, AlertFusion:

  • Allows the creation of custom automations to close all duplicate alerts, and completely eliminate rework.
  • Logs all alert remediation processes into the AlertFusion historical database, allowing for alert rework to be eliminated.
  • Ensures all critical knowledge is retained within the organisation. This greatly reduces training time for new analysts.
  • Facilitates highly automated bi-directional ticket management that follows tickets through opening, tracking, updating and closing.

These features see AlertFusion increase analyst efficiency by 50%. Making your team more profitable and increasing their capacity.

Along with Enterprise Security Operations, we have expertise in Fusion Centre to manage multiple operations functions such as network, server, security and infrastructure operations within one unified and real-time console. Our Cyber Fusion Centre help to manage multiple SOCs from one unified and real-time console for large enterprises. Managed security service providers specialise in providing security-as-a-services offerings for multiple customers. Our MSSP Single Pane of Glass enables Managed Security Service Providers to simplify multi-customer management and provide efficient alert management processes from one unified and real-time console. Our Vulnerability Management and Remediation solution centralizes all the vulnerability information into one unified and real-time dashboard, automates remediation and eliminates duplicate vulnerabilities.